Send Zapier Triggers To Honeycommb

How To: Create triggers from Zapier to Honeycommb to automate your tasks and workflows.

Honeycommb supports a native integration with Zapier that empowers community administrators to automatically generate tasks and automation from other platforms and push those actions to Honeycommb. Generally, there are two paths:

  1. Grab a trigger from another application that you'd like to send to Honeycommb
  2. Create a webhook from Honeycommb to Zapier, that then goes back to Honeycommb 

TIP: Using this automated workflow is best considered in the grand scheme of how you organize your community. Reach out to your Success Manager to brainstorm or consult and review the best way to implement any automation you're not sure about. 

When you get to the stage where you're ready to make the connection to from Zapier to Honeycommb, whether that's in your APPS section or actually in the Zap that you're ready to create, please take the following steps:

1. Add the app in the workflow that you're working on: 

2. From here, you'll be asked to allow Honeycommb access to your Zapier account: 

3. Go back to your Honeycommb Control Center and click on Service Integrations in the top navigation bar and add a new service integration:4. When you select Honeycommb API, you'll be able to generate the Access Token that you can copy/paste into the Zapier Modal that will allow us to authenticate into your account. 

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