Honeycommb Automations On Zapier

Honeycommb supports the following automations on Zapier

Honeycommb supports the following actions to push from Zapier to your community: 

  1. Create A Post On Honeycommb (supports multiple media attachments with the Media URLs field)) 
  2. Update A Post On Honeycommb (Currently, only text-changes are supported) 
  3. Create a User; users can have the following attributes:
    1. Pending Status
    2. Approved Status
    3. Ban A User 
    4. Adjust Custom Fields
  4. Update A User; updating a user can have the following attributes: 
    1. Approve A User
    2. Ban A User
    3. Custom Fields
  5. Find A Group On Honeycommb 
  6. Create A Group Join Request; Group requests can be set to:
    1. Approved Status
    2. Pending Status 
  7. Create a Pre-Approval
  8. Delete a User
  9. Create user follow
  10. Create group follow
  11. Delete follow
  12. Find or create chat
  13. Create a chat message (DM)
  14. Update group join request
  15. Find Group
  16. Find Post
  17. Find User
  18. Create a Post Flag
  19. Find or Create a User Notification Subscription (subscribe a user to mobile app notifications when another user posts/comments)

Looking for another Zapier Action? Reach out to your success manager for a request. 

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