Automation: User Group Add

Automatically add users to a group with a little help from Zapier.

To automatically add a user to a group through Zapier, you'll need to send the webhook to Zapier and then use the Honeycommb app to route the user into the correct action! When you're done with your Zap, it's going to look just like this: 


Please take the following steps to complete the 4-step Zap: 

1. Catch The Raw Web Hook from Honeycommb (example Webhooks to use here: user_created or user_approved)

2. Run a "Filter by Zapier" Action that Only Continues If the user has answered a Custom Field question with an answer that you specify. This answer will be what you use to determine which group you add the user to.


3. Find the group on Honeycommb: Using this instance, we're tying in a custom field to adding a user to a group. Meaning that the custom field that they enter in onboarding will correspond with the group that they're placed into. In this action, we're using the Custom Field found in the Javascript action to search for a group in the community:

4. As the last and final step, now that we've found the group we can add the user to that group! Here goes:

  • Input the user ID, this will populate the user join that we want to place into the group
  • Add the Group ID that we want that user to go into; this will display the group ID found in step #3
  • Make the user status = Approved because we want this user to automatically head into the group 


If you'd like to add a user to multiple groups, simply repeat this step and select a different group from your community.