What Webhooks Does Honeycommb Support?

Honeycommb supports the following webhooks: 

  • User_Created: A user is created in your network 
  • User_Approved: A user has been approved in your network
  • Preapproval_Created: A user has been added to PreApproval in Control Center
  • Payment_Completed: When a payment is completed as a subscription for the community
  • Payment_Failed: When payment for subscription fails 
  • Like_Created: A user likes a post 
  • Like_Destroyed: A user unlikes a post or removes their like 
  • Post_Created: A user has created a post 
  • Post_Destroyed: A user has destroyed (deleted) a post 
  • Post_Featured: An admin features a post 
  • Group_Join_Request_Created: User creates a group join request

Looking for another webhook? Reach out to your success manager for a request.