What Tools Do I Have For Bad Behavior?

Get up to speed with your tools for community and content moderation

Of course, community admins and managers don't condone bad behavior, but what happens when members of a network are behaving improperly and discipline is required? Here are a couple of tactical approaches for moderating content in your community: 

1. User-Reported Content (User Control) 

One of the primary ways that users escalate improper content in a community is to report a piece of content. To report a piece of content in-app or on the web: 

  1. Go to the content piece in single post view or in the home feed 
  2. Select the ••• in the lower right-hand corner of the post 
  3. Tap "Report" 

From here, the content will be flagged to the admin of the community and he/she will have the option to delete or approve it. This content will appear in the "flagged" filter of your post waterfall page and you will receive email community to the leader account. 

2. User Block (User Control) 

At the user level, community members have the ability to block other users' profiles. 

  1. Go to the user's profile in your community
  2. Select the ••• in the lower right-hand corner of their profile
  3. Select "block" and the user will not be able to interact with you in the community and you will not see any of their content.

3. Content Deletion (Admin Control) 

Building on the tactics of item #1, you can take the necessary step of deleting content from your community whether it has been reported by a user or not. When you delete content from your community it is immediately removed from the network. To remove a piece of content (whether it's a comment or original post) you can do so by clicking "delete" in your posts page in the Control Center. 

Temporarily Remove Content: 

In the case that you would like to temporarily remove content from your community (also known as hiding content), you have the ability to edit a post in your control center. In doing so, to hide content you can uncheck the iOS, Android & Web boxes on a specific post and the content will be "hidden." The content won't be deleted but hidden from the community.  

Then, when you're ready for the post to be visible again, you can re-check those boxes to make the content visible again. 

4. Administrator Bans (Admin Control) 

A primary action to remove users from your community is to ban their account. When banning an account, you are removing access for that user email address. So, when that user tries to log into their account or open the app in the future, their community access will be revoked. 

5. IP Address Ban (Admin Control) 

If drastic steps are required to remove an unwanted user from your community, you can take a necessary step of banning the IP address of that user. As a reminder, the IP address numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. So, when you ban the IP address, you're removing the combination of the device + network. It is possible that a user could use a secondary device to create an account that would have a separate IP address. Please reach out to your Honeycommb Success Manager to ban a user IP address from your community.