Welcoming Your Members

Create the right impression for new users in your new community!

First impressions matter: Make The Right One! 

Welcome messages are a great way to deliver a strong first impression for new users get in your community. Grabbing their attention can make them feel welcome and involve them in your network from Day 1! 

Crafting a warm and friendly message for each individual user can drive engagement and encourage participation. 

You don't have to welcome  every new member, but you can set a great example for the rest of the community by @mentioning new members and giving them a shout out in a "post." 

Another great way to reach out would be a direct message, with information that will guide them in the right direction. 

What you might say in a 'shout out' post: 

Welcome @_______, we're so excited to have you on board. 
[ add your call to action

What you might say in a direct message: 

Hi _________, 

Welcome to ______, We are delighted you signed up.
[ add your call to action]  Don't forget to complete your profile page and start sharing.
Please let me know if you have any questions, as I am always here to help. 


Crafting your message:

  • Extend a warm welcome
  • Introduce yourself 
  • Set a nice tone for the community
  • Provide an engaging next step to encourage users to continue using your app.

These are all effective ways to get your users engaged from the get-go and give them a reason to be excited!