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Viewing Subscriptions

In viewing your active subscriptions in the Control Center, you can sort/manage users according to:

To get to this view, simply hover over BILLING then click the CUSTOMER button in the top navigation of your control center from the login page:

Sorting Via Plan:

If you have multiple plans in your community, you can view what users are on what plans using the sidebar menu item. 

From this panel, you can select any plan that is currently associated with your community.  

Sorting Via Delinquent Status:

Definition: When a user is deemed as "Delinquent" that means their subscription to membership is out of date and not paid yet. It's possible that a user loses their delinquent status by paying their membership in-app. 

To sort users via delinquency status, you can use the sidebar menu item on the right and/or can view the status int he 2nd column from the right in the header of the user table. 

Sorting Via Trial Status: 

Definition: When a user is in their free trial, you can sort using the TRIALING filter in the top navigation and see which if your users are actively in their trial period: