Using Custom Fields For Community Apply

For private communities, use your Custom Fields to gate access

Custom Fields can be configured in the form of a "Community Application" whereas a user must answer a specific set of questions and those answers can be reviewed by a community administrator before that user is allowed access into the community. 

To use Community Apply, please make sure the following configurations are in place:

1. Community is set to PRIVATE (Learn more about private vs. public here

If your community is private, only approved users will have access to the Community after you approve. 

2. Configure your Custom Fields: 

Each field must have the following criteria for use in the form of Community Apply. This will ensure that fields are required and are apart of the onboarding experience. 

  • Permission: USER (Learn more about custom field permissions here
  • Onboarding: CHECKED ✔️
  • Allow Blank: UNCHECKED ❌

3. When new users join, they'll be required to answer all of the fields that you've created with the configuration above. 

Simply view your PENDING USERS and you'll see all of the folks that have requested to join. If you view the contact record, you can see their custom field replies: