User Data Export

Easily export your user table to your desktop or computer.

As the owner of your community, you're entitled to the data of your network. To export community data, work with your Success manager or send a request to to get a CSV or Excel format of a network export. Community owners are able to export the following fields tied to a contact record: 

Exportable User Fields 

Email Address: email address of the user   
Sign In count: How many times this user has signed into their account   
Current Sign In Date: The current date of their last sign in  
Last Sign In Date: The date that they last signed in  
Current Sign In IP: The IP address for their current sign in  
Last Sign In IP: The IP address for their last sign in  
Username: The username of the user  
Community ID: The community ID that the user is inside  
Verified: Is this user verified yes/no  
Banned: Is this user banned yes/no  
Posts Count: How many posts this user has made   
Created At Date: The date of the profile creation  
Updated At Date: The date of the profile being updated by an admin or the user   
Biography: The bio (if any) of the user   
Follows Count: The the total number of follows this user has   
Followings Count: The total number of people following this user   
Name: The actual display name of the user   
Facebook: The Facebook name of the user   
Twitter: The Twitter handle for the user  
Instagram: The Instagram handle for the user  
Approved: Is the user approved by an admin, yes/no  
Group User Count: How many groups this user is in  
Sign In Country: The country that the user has signed into  
Sign In Region: The region that the user has signed into  
Sign In City: The city that the user has signed into  
Sign In Postal: The postal code the user has signed into  
Sign In Time Zone: The timezone of the user  
Subscriber Count: The count of other users subscribing to post notifications   
Date of Birth: The date of birth for this contact record  
Approved At: The date at which this user was approved (only applies to private community_  
Custom Fields: Any custom fields in your network