Troubleshooting Zapier & Honeycommb

If you're having any problems (or getting errors) with the Honeycommb & Zapier integration, here's a couple of helpful tricks to troubleshoot first.

Make sure you have some "test" data

When you're configuring the Honeycommb webhooks, you'll need to have a "test" webhook that you can use for your Zapier workflow. You can check to see if your workflow has any data by clicking the "VIEW" on the webhook. 

If you don't have any data (for example the Create User Webhook) then just create a user that you can delete/remove later so you've got something to test your workflow! 


Ensure you're authenticated with the Leader Account

To integrate with Zapier, you'll be asked to authenticate your Honeycommb account. In order for Zapier to access the Honeycommb API, you must use the Lead Account of your community. If you're curious about the account types, here's a helpful article and a reminder on what the "Leader Account" actually is: Honeycommb Account Types

If you've tested a Zap, sometimes re-testing can cause an Error

Here's an example: You're trying to add a user to a group and you've just tested your workflow to see if that user actually gets "put" into that group, then in the future, you make an adjustment to that workflow and want to test it again. In the second attempt to test your workflow, you run into an error that the Zap cannot continue.

In this example, it's likely due to the fact that a user cannot be added to a group more than once. If you want to ensure the workflow still works, then remove them from the group using the control center. So, be conscious of the current status of that user in the group (or other action) relative to your testing! 

If you can't find a value, try using the action to "FIND" 

One of the options that you have on-hand via Zapier is to look up the object using a couple of different tools in your Zapier workflow creator. Try using the find option to look for a value using the Honeycommb API if you need to find something via Honeycommb and use that for your automation.

Find can be applied to either USERS or GROUPS 😄


If you continue to have problems, please reach out to your Success Manager or send an email to