Thinkific Integration

Authenticate members from your Honeycommb network into Thinkific, your online course platform, easily with Honeycommb's custom integration.


1) You must purchase and be on Thinkific Plus.

2) Create a Menu Item that links to your Thinkific courses.

3) Activate Honeycommb's custom Thinkific integration.

1. Create your Menu Item

Creating a new menu item is easy. Go to your Control Center > Community Setting > Menu Items and click "New Menu Link"


1. Name your menu link

2. For "Menu Link Target", select "In-App Browser Link". If you have dedicated mobile application with Honeycommb, this will use the in-app mobile browser, creating a seamless in-app experience.

3. Enter the url to your courses and "Save Changes".

2. Activate the custom Thinkific Integration

Now that you've added a menu item that links to your courses on Thinkific, it's time for you to activate Honeycommb's custom Thinkific integration.

1. In your Control Center, go to: Integrations > Service Integrations. Scroll down the page to find Thinkific and click "Start Integration".

2. Enter your Thinkific API Key. You will need to login to your Thinkific account to find this. See Thinkific's support article here.

3. Enter the URL to your courses (same URL you used on the menu item). Do not include the "https://" here.

4. "Save Changes" and then click the "Activate" button on the top right of the Thinkific integration page.


Your Thinkific integration should now be connected! 👏👏👏