Thinkific Integration

Authenticate the members of your social network right into Thinkific, your online course platform. With our Thinkific integration, your members won't have to sign into and manage their credentials for both platforms making it a seamless transition.


1) You must purchase and be on Thinkific Plus.

2) Add a slideout menu item that links to your online courses (must be hosted on Thinkific). The menu link target must be set as "In-App Browser Link".

Now that your courses are linked from your network's slide-out menu, you can connect your Honeycommb social network to your Thinkific courses.

Navigate to Service Integrations in your Control Center.

1) Click on New Service Integration and select Thinkific.

2) Enter in your Thinkific API key. 

3) Enter the URL to your courses (same as the URL you have linked to from your slideout menu item for your courses). Do not include https here.

4) Mark the integration as active and save!