The User "Approved" Email

Manage the "Approved" email for your community

The approved email is sent to users when they are APPROVED in your community, either by an admin, or a pre-approval. We support the ability to disable this email and send a custom email generated by you (the community) but the ability to edit the copy in this email is not supported. 

Here is what the approved email looks like:

Making Adjustments 

For partners that have subscribed to the add-on of the White Label bundle, the ability to disable the "Approved" email is a supported feature. 

So, the workflow would be as follows: 

  1. User is approved via admin (manual or automatic) 
  2. Fire off a webhook for User_approved
  3. Email tool (or Zapier for example) can ingest that webhook to complete the workflow and send the email to the user that they are approved 

If you're curious about how to enable for your community, please reach out to your Community Success Manager!