The "Invite" Button

On the native iOS & Android app, there is an Invite button for folks to invite non-members of the community to your community!

How It Works

When a member of the app taps "invite" the app will pull open your Share Sheet on your mobile device. That'll look something like this: 

The share sheet is going to pull in recent activities and apps that you've used to share things with other folks! This is not managed by Honeycommb and is controlled at the OS level on your mobile device. 

When the user sends the "invite" they're pushing a pre-populated message that looks something like this: 

Hey, let's connect on [Community Name]. I'm [@username]. insert URL for web app

FAQ About the Invite Button

  1. The invite button applies to both OPEN and CLOSED communities. This is a static button in the slide-out menu and does not appear or disappear based on a specific setting of the app. 
  2. This button only exists on Mobile, not the web. Because the web does not have a "share sheet" function like the Mobile Apps on iOS and Android, the functionality does not meet the same criteria for a button like this. 
  3. For communities that are private or paid-only, the invite button still works; but a member will go through the registration process and complete the sign-up to get into the community. If the community is closed, then the user will sit as a "pending member" until they are approved by the community admin.  
  4. Attribution tracking is supported through our Referrers page, delivering a report of the # of clicks, registrations, and revenue generated through an Invite-link.