Terms of Service

Adjust the TOS for your community

Honeycommb communities have the option to (and it's recommended) to write your own terms of service for your community. 

One thing to be conscious of regarding your Terms of Service (TOS) is that when the terms are updated via the control center, each and every user in your community will be forced to re-accept the terms of service (again) when they log into the app the next time. 

Even if you are only adding a period, the change in the TOS will require all users to re-accept the terms. So, we suggest that you be aware of when the TOS needs updating and the frequency at which you update the terms of your community. If you do not want to use the defaulted TOS we have in place, we recommend having your own Terms of Service ready and updated before officially launching your network. 

NOTE: Terms of service cannot be deleted from the community. All copies of the TOS are displayed in the community control center, but only the latest version (highest ID number) is actually used in the community and viewable by users. 

To adjust your TOS, go to the "Terms Of Service" button in the control center and click "New Terms Of Service" 

Next, paste your updated Terms Of Service in the body here:

When complete, click "Create Terms Of Service" and all users will then be prompted to re-agree to the terms.