What languages does Honeycommb support?

Honeycommb has a dynamic multilingual system that allows community owners/admins and their members to select their preferred language. Read on to see what languages we currently support and how the system works.

Multilingual Support

There are a number of words and phrases, like "Profile" or "Help Center", that are used throughout your Honeycommb applications. Honeycommb has developed a dynamic multilingual system that allows these words to be translated to any number of languages or "translations" that Honeycommb has created a translation library for (all the words and phrases that need to be translated through the application experience).

We've done this so your community, hyper-local or with a worldwide scale, can simply thrive because your members can experience the community in their native, natural language.

Dynamic Multilingual System

1. Locale: Community owners/admins can select their "locale" which will set the default language for their mobile and web applications to be displayed if their member's application settings don't dynamically set a language for them.

Community owners/admins can set their "Locale" by editing their community in their Honeycommb Control Center.

Community members can set their default language in their applications settings.

2. Browser Setting: If your member's browser has a default language setting and Honeycommb has a translation for that language, that language will automatically be displayed.

3. Mobile OS application Setting: Language settings for mobile application are controlled by mobile operating system settings. If a mobile application user has an operating system language setting that Honeycommb has a translation for, that language will automatically be displayed.

Supported Languages

  1. English
  2. Italiano
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. Your preferred language library can be added with your support!

Adding Your Preferred Language

If your preferred language(s) aren't yet supported, Honeycommb can work with you to add that language library to our system. Romance languages are typically the most "agreeable" libraries for Honeycommb applications.

There is a fee associated with supporting new language as there is work associated with developing and adding new language libraries to the dynamic multilingual system. Connect with your Success Manager of a Honeycommb Sales professional for more information.

    Troubleshooting Language On Your Community

  1. If the user has a language set on their account, it will use that language.

  2. If we support the language that the device is requesting, we will serve it in that language. (If his phone is set to English, we will return it in English)

  3. If the community has selected their default language and 1 and 2 don't apply, we will use that language.

  4. If the community doesn't have a default language set, we will use English.