Setup Your Stripe Account

Configure your Stripe Standard Account

To set up your Stripe account via Control Center, please take the following steps:

  1. Create a Stripe Account on if you do not already have one. Stripe Standard account is recommended
  2. Login to your community using your Community Leader account. Your community leader account is the account you use to access Control Center and Feature posts from within your community.
  3. Open the slide-out menu in your community and click the Control Center menu link. This will open Control Center 2.0.
  4. Click Account & Billing -> Billing Overview in Control Center and then click Manage Add-ons. Add the Paid Subscriptions add-on to your account.
  5. Click the tab button in the top right of your screen, this will open up the slide-out menu of your Control Center. In the slide-out menu, click Subscriptions to expand the menu.


  6. Connect your Stripe account via Subscriptions -> Subscription Settings in the menu.
    Click Connect Stripe Standard to connect your Stripe account.