Setup Your Stripe Express Account

Configure your Stripe Express Account on Honeycommb

To set up your Stripe account via Control Center, please take the following steps:

Navigate to the "Community Details" page of your Control Center:

Next, you'll see a button in the top navigation bar to enter the "Billing" section of your community: 

Once you get into the Billing section, you'll see an option to "Connect Stripe Express Account" 

After you click, "Create Stripe Account" you'll be re-directed to Stripe where you'll complete the necessary information to set up Stipe and connect your bank account. The Stripe portal will verify your business information for tax and accounting purposes and look something like this:

After your Stripe account is created and verified, you'll see the populated information in the Control Center: 

Once connected, the capabilities will automatically populate and then you're ready to start receiving payments from your community!