Sort & Filter: Top Posts

Using the control center, easily configure and search for top posts!

Using the control center, you can easily view your top posts of all time, inside of a group or in a specific date range. First, define your top-post! There's a couple of different ways to sort & organize your content: 

When sorting content, align on the filters you're going to use. Anything from... 

  • Hashtag 
  • Post Type (Image, Video, Etc...) 
  • Post Date
  • Group
  • User ID 

So let's play out a scenario. Let's find the most LIKED #TuesdayTips on Colony: 

1. On our Posts Page Filter our content by the hashtag #TuesdayTips and then click Filter


2. In the top navigation, click on the likes count item to sort content from the most to least total likes. 

3. Now, at the top of the page, you'll see in order from your filter, the posts that have the most likes using the hashtag #TuesdayTips 

NOTE: Using these filters, you can also download that data directly to your computer!