Single Sign-On (SSO) User Experience

Outside of configuring SSO, the user experience different vs. the standard sign up experience on Honeycommb

The basic premise of SSO on Honeycommb: The option to "sign up" for the community on Honeycommb is no longer supported. Users ONLY have the option to log into Honeycommb with the credential that already exists in the database of the client. 

Example Registration page:

NOTE: You can see on the registration page, there is no option to actually create your account, simply log into Honeycommb based on an existing credential on the database of the authenticating platform 

The User Experience Workflow 

The steps in order

  1. Click, "Log In" button on registration (either web OR mobile) 
  2. User is re-directed to the authenticating web source 
  3. Authenticate on existing website 
  4. Once authenticated, the user is allowed into the community (goes to Home Feed) 

When a user logs into Honeycommb for the first time, Honeycommb maps over the following information:

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Username (generated automatically by Honeycommb based on data mapped from authenticating database that is specifically based on the NAME of the user) 

This information is NOT mapped over to Honeycommb:

  • Password
  • Profile Picture [the default profile picture asset will be used]
  • Cover Photo [the default cover photo will be used]
  • Custom Field Data

TIP: When a user logs into Honeycommb for the first time, it will trigger the user_created webhook. At which point you can trigger a Zapier workflow that will map over any relevant Custom Fields or Groups data that you would like to pull over to the user account  

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