Shopify Multipass

Enable a simple user-mapping experience for Shopify

Shopify Multipass allows users to be automatically authenticated to your Shopify store when they click on links to your store within the app. For additional details on Shopify Multipass, see their documentation.


  1. Enable Multipass on your Shopify Plus account. (see documentation)
  2. Enable Shopify Multipass in Honeycommb.
    1. Go to the Service Integrations tab on your community.
    2. Click New Service Integration
    1. From the drop-down, pick Shopify multipass
    2. Mark the integration as Active
    3. Copy the Shopify Secret from your Shopify account into the Secret field.
    4. Input your Shopify domain. (If your Shopify is accessed at, then your domain is
    5. Click Save

Disable Shopify Multipass:

  1. Go to the Service Integrations tab in your community.
  2. You have 2 options for disabling, you can either delete the integration or mark it as inactive.