Share Live Video From Desktop

Easily share live content from your control center

(Updated 6/18/2019) 

Live streaming from your desktop is a great way to share content from a setup in a studio or a live stream platform like XSplit, Zoom, or others! Here's how to live stream from your desktop device using our control center. 

1. Create a new post in the post view. 

2. In your new post, enter the appropriate details relative to that piece of content: Username, Title, Body, (source = admin) etc.. and then select "Post Type = LIVE"

Click the checkbox for Chat if you would like your livestream to have live chat enabled.

3. After your post is created (be patient, it takes a second:), you'll see two values that should be copied into your streaming platform. Both the server and stream key should be used as output settings in the streaming solution that you're using. These are generated after you create a live post. 

Copy/Paste the server value and stream key into your live stream tool (this example is using OBS) and then you can start your stream! 

NOTE: You have 10 minutes to copy/paste the server value into your streaming solution. If you take longer than 10 minutes, the value will expire and you'll need to create a new post. 

TIP: If you don't currently have a solution for live video streaming, OBS is a great & free option! Learn more and download here: