Referrers - How to track Referral Signups

How to track referral signups through your Invite-link and Referrers page.

Honeycommb's Referral page tracks the Invite-links that are used by your members to invite others to your community. Each user's invite-link are tracked, with correlated number of clicks, successful new user registrations, and the total revenue earned through subscriptions that are attributed to the invite-link.

Visit the Referrers page via the Referrers link in the top navigation of Control Center 1.0
After logging in successfully to your Admin Control Center, click the control center link "COMMUNITY NAME Control Center", then click the Referrers link in the top navigation of the following page.

The Referrers page lists each member in a row, with columns for: Clicks, Registrations, Revenue. Click a column header if you would like to sort the list by that column's data.


Clicking the User's username in the list will link you to the user's page in Control Center.

Export a list of Referrers by clicking the Download: CSV link at the bottom left of the page.
The CSV export includes a row with each user listed, along with the user's User ID listed in a separate column. The User ID matches the user's UserID within the Honeycommb Control Center.