Push Notification Sent & Open FAQ

When looking at your push notification analytics, here are a few factors that might come into play.

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Why is the "Total Sent" not equal to my total community size?

There are a few reasons why the total number of push notifications may not be exactly equal to your entire community size. 

  • Your total community size may take into consideration pending members that are not "approved" in your community thus we won't send a push notification to them. 
  • We cannot send push notifications to users on the web; push notifications are only sent to users that  

What does "Total Opened" count as? 

Total opened counts as the total number of users that have actually tapped on the notification and opened the notification linking to an object inside your app. 

How can I calculate my open rate? 

To calculate your open rate, divide the total number of SENT by the total number of OPENED. So for example:

Total Sent: 150

Total Opened: 15

Open Rate: 10% (150 ÷ 15)

What impacts the "Total Opened" value? 

  • The total opened value can be impacted by the device that the user opens the notification on. iOS & Apple do not return 100% of the "opens" as there is a margin for error. So, it's possible that there are a few more opens vs. the number displayed in your network. In addition, many users might read your notification, but not actually open it. 

How can I improve my custom push notification performance?

  1. Ensure that your community knows to turn ON push notifications! Oftentimes, users on mobile devices will turn off notifications for apps by habit - it's not unusual. 
  2. Be sure that you're always delivering value to users! Don't abuse the power of engaging members via custom push notifications; if you do, expect them to mute the noise coming from your community. 
  3. Configure your community set up correctly; if you're using the OPT-OUT model, that can tend to be a little bit noisy, which might lead to users turning off their push notifications for your app.