Promoting Groups In Your Community

If you want to make a group or series of groups more pronounced in your network, here's a couple of helpful tactics to promote a group!

Use A Feed Banner

Feed Banners are tools to pin messages and announcements at the top of the Home feed for users in the community. If you use a feed banner, users have a lot of 

Use A Featured Post

If you create a piece of content in the group that you would like to promote and then mark that post as "Featured" then you can highlight that group. If a user engages with that content, they'll be prompted to join that group - so by this nature, you're able to promote the group by publishing and highlighting content! This will work for Open and Gated group types because that content can also be viewed by non-members of the group.

Use A Push Notification

Push notifications can be used to directly send a user to a group when they "tap" on that notification. That being said, this only applies to the mobile experience - when you're using the desktop product, push notifications are not applicable. 

When you create the push notification, you'll have the option to change the "Target Type" of that notification. The target (think like a bullseye) is where you're sending the user when they open the notification. In this case, you can send them to the target group by entering in the group ID.  

Create A Piece of Content

Visuals are always really strong ways to promote anything (not just groups) in your community. You could create a fun piece of artwork (again, posted inside of that group) that talks about the purpose of that group and why some members should join it. 

TIP: Post that content from the leader account in your community so that all of the users in your network can see it! 

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