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Product Name & Description

Strategically think about your product plans and descriptions within your branded community

Creating the product name and description is critical to the branding and positioning of your products against one another. The name of the product is used throughout the membership experience and the description is used for members to learn more about value exchange and offering of that specific product. 

The Product Name

The name of your product is the "thing" that community members are purchasing access to. Giving the product name some branding can be helpful to differentiate your products from one another and position them uniquely against each other. 

The Product Description

This is your room to sell the product to the members of your community. Use depth to describe the value exchange and communicate what a user is going to receive for purchasing this recurring subscription. 

On the product page, the Title (Super Fan) sits above the description:

On the product listing page, the name of the product sits upper left and the description is above the line items and below the price: 

Things to think through as you come up with your product offerings: 

1. How are my products differentiated from one another?

Make sure that the presentation of your products aligns with your branding and is clearly different from one another. 

Making it easy for users to understand the difference between products is critical! In the checkout experience, they need to clearly digest the relevant plan that's the best fit for them; the Product Name and Description are the easiest way to do that.

Branding your memberships around a theme isn't a bad idea either! Here's some inspiration for you to think deeply about the best way to configure:

2. How do my products compare in value? Does the value increase as the price increases?

When mapping out your products, think about ways to create clear differentiation in your offering. If two products are very similar and not easy to comprehend, they can be confusing for the user in the checkout experience.