PreUsers - Managing Users in the Registration Process

What is a "Preuser", how to manage them, and how to help get your members signed-up to your community.

Accessible via Control Center, Administrators can manage and view users that are in the middle of the sign-up process.

The Preusers page is found under the Grow section in Control Center 2.0 - you can access Control Center 2.0 by logging into your community with an admin or community leader account and clicking the "Control Center" link in the slide-out menu.

"Preusers" are users who have not completed registration, they have not confirmed their email address and completed the registration process.

After confirming their email address by clicking the link in the email that is sent out after they begin registering, the user will need to complete registration by inputting a username/password, setting up a profile, and they will need to complete any onboarding custom fields that have been added to your community.

  • Users are displayed on the Preusers page for seven (7) days after they began registration.
    If the preuser updates anything in registration (example: confirming email address), it extends it out another 7 days
  • Users will be removed from the page once they complete registration, or after 8 days - whichever comes first.
  • Users will display as YES for "Confirmed" when they have clicked the link in their confirmation email. If the user is still displayed despite confirming their address, the user did not complete registration - they need to confirm their email address + continue signup through the app/website by inputting their username/password, etc.
  • Admins can re-send the confirmation email to help users confirm their address and continue sign-up.
  • Admins can edit the email address for a user, this can help address typos or similar situations.


How to help a user complete sign-up and move from the PreUsers page to a full member:

  • Resend Confirmation Email - resend the confirmation email to a user, the user must click/tap on the link in their email, then continue registration by inputting a username/password, etc. To resend the email, click the Actions button in the row for a user, then click Resend "Confirm Email" email.
  • Edit Email Address - correct typos or mistakes by editing the email address for a user. Click the row for a user to open up the editor tab, input a new email address and save - this will send a new email to the user.