Pre Approvals

Simplify user onboarding in private communities when you know their email address ahead of time!

Pre Approvals are heavily utilized in private networks. If you have your members emails addresses, you can pre-approve them within the network so when they register in the community, they can enter right away instead of waiting to be manually approved by an admin. 

Start by entering your community through the Control Center and clicking on Preapprovals in the Main Menu. 

Click New Preapproval button: You can enter a single email address and upload it to be approved in the system. This works well if you want to add a few members at once. 

Upload CSV: Upload a CSV file. Each email address should be separated by a comma and space in between them. 

NOTE: Pre-approved users will need to click the Sign-Up link and enter their name, username, and custom fields etc. before the account becomes available.

This is important! Be sure to make it clear to your users that they don't have an account yet and will need to sign up for one :) 

They'll go through the same workflow to sign up as a normal user and cannot log in as their account has not been created yet.