Position Statement

The space right below the “Onboarding Logo” is reserved for the community positioning statement. This can be used as a spot for your position statement or a simple description of your community.

Note: In the Mobile Apps, the position statement is limited to 64 characters.

How to:

1. Sign in to your control panel using your admin credentials. Enter your community and click on "Translations" in the main menu. 

2. Click on the "New Translation" button which will bring you to where you can enter your custom tagline.

3. Type in "position_statement" as your key.

4. Choose "English" as Lang.

5. Enter your copy in Value. *Must start with an article (A, An, The) and end without punctuation.

6. Click "Create Translation" to finish. 



The outcome of your position statement lives in multiple places, one of which is on the front page of your web login and registration page: