Google Play Store Email Notification Forwarding

Here, we're going to set up the email notifications for the Honeycommb Developer team

It's not often that your app is rejected from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, but it does happen on occasion for a myriad of reasons. Not to worry! Our team will take care of it :) 

To set up the appropriate notifications for you and for our team, here's what to do: 

1. From your control center, your Success Manager will provide 

2. Navigate to your Google Play Store Console Developer Account and hit the SETTINGS section. From there, hit the ACCOUNT DETAILS and you should see the details page with the option to put in a email address: 

From here, you'll paste the forwarding address from your Success Manager and our team will be notified of any app rejections (if there are any!) 


NOTE: If you have other apps under your account, please work with your Success Manager to ensure that you receive notifications for ALL apps under your Google Developer account (and not just the Honeycommb email)