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Subscription Affordance: Paid Groups

Paid groups are great affordances to build into your Subscription Offering

Within a product, paid groups can be used to gate access to conversations, content, and access. Use paid groups as an easy way to add tons of value to your subscription membership products. 

About Paid Groups

1. Users are automatically added to paid groups when they purchase your product(s)

When a subscription product is purchased, users are automatically added to the paid groups. Honeycommb will manage and automate the purchase process and group-add process so that you don't have to :) 

2. Users are automatically removed from paid groups when they purchase your product(s)

When their subscription ends, or if they decided that they no longer would like to have access to this group and end their own cycle, users will be removed from the paid group. 

3. Paid groups appear as 🔒Premium on the group listing page

You'll notice that on the group listing page, groups that are marked as PAID via the control center have a premium indicator next to their symbol. When a user attempts to join, they'll be presented with your Gate Media

4. Multiple Paid Groups can be associated with one product 

Depending on how you structure your subscription offering, it's very simple to create multiple groups under one product. When purchased (referencing bullet #1) user will be added to each of the paid groups associated with that product.