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Paid Content vs. Paid Groups

In membership communities, content shared inside of a paid group is going to perform and display differently. Here are the rules!

How Paid Content Performs

Paid content is content tagged as "paid" when created or managed by an administrator or authorized user. This content will follow a different set of rules (vs. those of paid groups) as this content does not have to be posted inside of a closed group, or any group for that matter! 

Location Content Visible (True/False) 
Home Feed True
Discover True
Group True
Profile  True

An example of a paid post:

NOTE: When a user engages with a piece of paid content when they are NOT actively paying for access to this content, they'll be presented with your Membership Gate

How Content In Paid Groups Performs 

Content in a Paid Group is going to perform like content in a closed group. So, that content is going to be visible inside of the group and on the home feed of users in that group. 

For content inside of a paid group, it will be visible and not visible in the following locations. 

Location Content Visible (True/False) 
Home Feed True
Discover False
Group True
Profile  False

NOTE: This means that when viewing the profile of another user, it's possible that no content would be visible on their profile if they've only shared posts inside of a paid group.