Onboarding Custom Fields

Create required questions as Custom Fields for users to answer when they start their profile

Using Onboarding Custom Fields, you can easily require new users to answer a specific list of questions to learn more about them and what they may want out of their community experience. 

To configure a new onboarding Custom Field (or add an existing field to Onboarding) you should create a new field or edit an existing one. 

Next, look for the section titled "Custom Field Details) and ensure that the box marked as "Onboarding" is checked! 

From here, you're good to go! This field will be apart of the user onboarding experience. 

NOTE: If you create these fields (and make them required) after your community has existing members, those members that have not completed an answer to the question will be prompted to do so the next time that they log into the community

If you'd like to ensure that this field is required, then you're going to want to uncheck the "Blank Validation" to ensure that this question is required upon user sign up and not optional.