Multi-photo Upload Through Control Center

How to add multiple photos to one post using the Control Center.

You can now upload multiple photos to a single post through your backend control center. This is how you, as an admin and someone who has access to your network's control center, can create a single post with a carousel of images for users to swipe through in-app and on web. We're currently working on adding this feature for all users in the network to have access to when they post on web and within the mobile app. 

1. First, log into your main control center 

2. Next, click on Posts in the main menu and then 'New Post' button 

3. Now, fill out the post info as you normally would and to add multiple images scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Add Attachment" button. From there you're able to pull images from your computer to upload files. You can also add descriptions or hashtags of the images in the Description. When you add multiple images you can also set the order by using the Move button on the right to drag images to different positions. The first image in the order will be the first & main image of the post.

If you need guidance on how to create a post i.e. title, body, groups, etc. you can reference our help article.

4. Once all of your images are uploaded and post info filled out then you're ready to post to the network click 'Create Post'.

NOTE: At this time only photos are supported in multi-photo uploading, please, do not try to add a video in the mix otherwise it will not work.

Here's an example of how multi-photo posts look like in a user's home feed. You'll see a number which indicates how many photos are in the carousel and a multi-photo symbol in the bottom right of the post. You can click on the photo then swipe through the rest.