Mobile Streaming: Getting The Best Quality

To optimize the stream from your mobile device, here are a few tips and tricks to get the best performance:

 A few tips and tricks to get the best performance out of your stream on your mobile device: 

Ensure you have a good internet connection

The main thing is the main thing! Ultimately, if you have a weak connection to the internet, it's going to hinder your ability to stream in decent quality. If you input a bad stream quality, we're only going to be able to distribute a bad stream quality. So, ensure that whatever you're putting in is what you'd like to get when it comes out :) 

Kill/Close other apps on your device 

Other apps that might be in the background can eat up a lot of the bandwidth on your device and take away from the processing power of something you might have in front of you. If you run your phone with a lot of apps open at the same time, consider closing them if they're in the background to kill the use of background data 

Wifi isn't always the strongest signal 

Simply because you're using wifi, doesn't mean that you'll have a stronger connection. Before deciding what connection to use, try a signal strength test with your wifi and your cellular and make the choice for which is better. 

Avoid crowded signals where you can 

If you're using an internet or wireless connection that is crowded, i.e. you're in an apartment building or a co-working space, it's possible that the bandwidth may be eaten up by others that are also on the same connection. To improve your signal strength, look at ways where you can establish your own signal.