Mixpanel Integration

Solve for product analytics with Honeycommb's custom Mixpanel integration

This article will help you understand what Mixpanel is, what Honeycommb's custom integration with Mixpanel does, and how to integrate Honeycommb with Mixpanel (not how to use Mixpanel).


What is Mixpanel [from Mixpanel]

Mixpanel is a powerful, self-serve product analytics tool to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Product Analytics helps teams understand how people use digital products. Mixpanel takes the guesswork out of product and design decisions by providing teams with easy access to user engagement data collected as an event stream. Product teams at companies like Uber, Yelp, Expedia, and DocuSign use Mixpanel to analyze user behavior quickly and easily, in real-time, across devices and platforms.

Mixpanel has a *very* generous free tier. For latest pricing information, please refer to Mixpanel's pricing page.

Help Center
For general help and support content, Mixpanel has a beautiful Help Center.


What Does Honeycommb's Integration With Mixpanel Do?

Honeycommb has chosen to integrate with Mixpanel because it's a premium, long-standing, product analytics tool with product analytics capabilities we know will help any type of Honeycommb customer. It can track and report product usage information across web and native mobile products. It's also one of the easiest to use product analytics platforms, relative to its capabilities. And the generous free trier means many Honeycommb customers can enjoy the solution at no cost.

Honeycommb's custom integration first connects your Honeycommb network to your Mixpanel account in order to send product analytics data to it. Once connected, product usage data flows from your Honeycommb apps freely to your Mixpanel account in order for you to slide & dice that data however you wish.

Inside Honeycommb's mobile and web applications is code (tracking events) that tracks anonymous product usage information, like when someone visits a page, clicks on a like button, or RSVPs to an event. Honeycommb continuously adds new tracking events as we build and improve our product features.

In order to know what tracking events are in the Honeycommb applications in order to "slice & dice" your Mixpanel data - see our list of tracking events and their descriptions here.


Connecting a Honeycommb Network to a Mixpanel Account

The good news is this is pretty simple;

  1. If you don't have one already, create your Mixpanel account at mixpanel.com/register
  2. Follow Mixpanel's prompts. You will set up a new "Project" (only requires that you name it).
  3. Copy your Project Token, shared with you in the project creation process. Or, to find your project token, go to: Dashboard > Settings > Project Settings
  4. Login to your Honeycommb Control Center (here's how) and in the right side menu, go to: Integrations > Service Integrations > find "Mixpanel" and click "Start Integration"
  5. Past your Mixpanel Project Token into the Project Token field and click "Save Changes"
  6. Before you leave the Control Center Mixpanel Service Integration page - click "Activate" in the top right of the page to activate the integration. Product analytics data will now be sent to your Mixpanel project 💥


Other Service Integrations to consider;

  1. Zapier
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. Mailchimp