Micro Community Creation

Admins can configure specific assets when a child-community is created from their parent community

When a micro-community is created (as a sub-network of the parent community) the following items are handed down in the new community creation: 

  •  New Member Notifications On/Off (Setting)
  • Allow Verified users On/Off (Setting)
  • Force Verified users On/Off (Setting)
  • Social Sharing On/Off (Setting) 
  • Help Center URL (Asset)
  • Brandless On/Off (Setting)
  • Max Featured Post Count [0,1,2,3] (Setting)
  • Transactional Email Address Alias (Asset)
  • Share Default Image (Asset)
  • Like Icon (Asset) 
  • Web Navigation Bar Image (Asset)
  • Navigation Bar Image (Asset) 
  • Default Avatar (Asset)  

This means that each new micro network will use the (above) attributes as a starting place for the new network. All of these can be changed, but this is the starting place.