Membership Transaction Retry System For Failed Payments

Honeycommb's integrated membership system was built with Stripe which allows us to automatically try to collect on failed payments that are not cancelled.

We've implemented an automated retry system for active subscriptions whose payments have failed. Transactions can fail for multiple reasons. Some reasons are as simple as insufficient funds. So, we retry the payment method on file at a later time to collect on the membership transaction for you so you don't lose out. 

Some important notes to the feature:

  1.  Custom Retry Schedule - You set your retry schedule through your own Stripe Standard account and that's the cadence our membership feature will follow. We recommend selecting Stripe's Smart Retries for your retry schedule.

2. Turning on the Customer emails feature in your Stripe account will not work. In a future iteration, we'll be sending these types of emails to the customer from your community when their payment fails. 

3. In addition to the automated process of retrying failed payments, you can also manually retry a user's payment method if their subscription status is past due through AA. To do so, navigate to the customer's billing invoice and select 'Re-try Payment'.

NOTE: For SCA payment methods on file, you'll see a banner communicating that re-trying the payment will notify the user with steps they must take for the transaction to be successful.