Membership Proration

For members of your community that would like to adjust their membership plan, Honeycommb will automatically adjust the amounts credited and paid during checkout

The Honeycommb platform can handle the math of applying the current balance on the account to a new product that the user would like to subscribe to, in other words: Proration :) 

If they are currently subscribed to a product in your community, they will check out and see an updated Charge Summary on the page: 

A detailed breakdown of each line item:

  • Credit to be issued: The amount prorated for the rest of the billing period 
  • Starter Membership: The price of the membership product at checkout, note this will be specific to your community! We just use "starter" in this example 
  • Promo Code: If they have a promo code, it can be applied here 
  • Credit to be used: The credit left on their account (see "credit to be issued") 
  • Applied Balance: The amount that will be applied to the account of the user if their is a positive balance on their account 
  • Charge: The final amount due, can be a negative balance! 

What We Recommend: 

Because the platform does the automatic calculation of both credit and amount due in the consumer checkout UX, we recommend that you provide detailed steps for editing their subscription and updating to the correct product subscription. 

Detailed steps to edit their subscription: 

  1. Navigate to the membership product page or product listing page (can be found by using the slide-out menu to click "membership options"
  2. Select the product that they would like to purchase
  3. Checkout with that product 
  4. The user will be able to use their existing payment method on file if that account has a valid payment method; if not, they'll have to use a new payment method