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Membership Promo Title & Description

Learn about two important items that are used to convey the value of your paid membership product to your community

The Membership Promo & Description are displayed in the following ways:

  • Initial App Load Experience
  • Product Listing Page

Initial Load Experience

After joining and completing the Account Set-Up process, a user is presented with the promo window where they can learn about the community and see all available membership options available for them to purchase. 

As an admin, you have the ability to adjust three (3) major components of this experience:

  1. The Promo Media
  2. The Promo Title
  3. The Promo Description

The Promo Media

The promo media can be either a VIDEO or IMAGE asset uploaded via your control center. The recommended dimensions for either are 500x500 pixels as it renders best on both mobile and web experiences. 

From the image above, you can see that the media is presented to the left of the title + description. On the mobile app experience, it sits above the title and description. 

The Promo Title

Sitting above the description, the title is used to provide a welcome message to new members of your community. A few examples of messages that you can use in the Promo Title:

  • Welcome to our community!
  • Sign Up For Our Membership
  • Join Our Community!

The Promo Description

Now, this is a description of what you intend to offer. We suggest that you add lots of details as new users signing up, are presented with this information and detail when they initially join. 

Product Listing Page

The product listing page is where all of your products and membership tiers are presented to users in your community. 

On this page, the community name is presented right above the Membership Promo Description and to the left of the Promo Media. These assets are re-used from the initial promo window.