Membership Cancellation (In-App)

Here's an overview of the cancellation experience for members of your community when they cancel their membership

Members of your community can manage their own memberships. Ultimately, they have the power to subscribe and/or unsubscribe from the membership product that they have purchased.

If they decide to cancel their membership, they'll continue to have access to the items or products that they've paid for until the end of their billing period. They'll also get an email confirming that they've cancelled their membership subscription. 

For example: if their billing date is on the 30th of each month, then they would have access to your group, content, or series of groups until the 30th at which point their access would automatically be restricted. 

To unsubscribe, they can go to their membership options that are visible in the settings of their profile. This is accessible on BOTH mobile and web: 

View Membership Options

When a user goes to VIEW their membership, they'll be presented with this settings page regarding the membership options associated with their account: 

Edit / Change Membership 

Edit: A user can edit (cancel) their Membership product 

Change: A user can adjust the their that they are on in your membership community

After clicking the EDIT button, the user is presented with the final cancellation page. 

As an admin, you can be notified about a canceled subscription by using the webhook titled, "Billing_subscription_cancelled" that can be accessed from the webhooks section: