Livestream Event Best Practices

How to create a Livestream Event and share the livestream link with event attendees.

The Honeycommb team plans to add a Livestream event creator in the future, but until then, the following is a guide to create a Livestream Event, including what we believe to be the best method to share a livestream link with event attendees.

  1. Create & Schedule Your Livestream Post

    1. Create a Post using Control Center 1.0
      1. To quickly access the Posts section of Control Center, login and click the Control Center link near the center of the page:
      2. On the Posts Page, click the New Post button near the top-far-right corner of the page.

      3. Create your Live Post and use Publish At to schedule the post
        1. Username -input the username for the User that will be livestreaming.
        2. Publish At - select the Date & Time that your livestream post will be posted and visit to all members
        3. Title - (optional) enter a title of the livestream
        4. Body - (optional) enter a text body for the livestream post
        5. Post Type - select Live
        6. Select Featured to pin the livestream to the top of the community's home feed.
        7. Click Has Chat to enable the Live Chat and Emojis during your livestream
        8. Livestream Latency - select your desired latency - this is the delay between the streamer and the viewer. Lower latency settings require that the livestreamer have higher bandwidth & better machine performance.
        9. Click Create Post
        10. Your post has been scheduled, with the livestream's RTMP server address and stream key in the Live Stream Details section of the page.
          Grab those for your livestream application (examples: OBS, Streamyard)
        11. Copy and save or write down the post ID number from your livestream post's page, this can be found near the top left-side of the page:
  2. Create your Online Event

    1. Create an Online Event - click here for a full walkthrough
    2. Online Location - enter a link to the profile page of the user who will be livestreaming.
    3. Publish your Event

  3. Go LIVE + Update Event with livestream link

    1. When you're ready, go live with your livestream and start streaming. We suggest starting your stream a couple minutes before the official start time.

    2. Once your livestream is live, Edit your Event and update the Online Location link with the link to your livestream.
      1. Your livestream's post URL will look like the following example -<postID>
        Grab the link to your livestream post by visiting the post on your website, or by adding the Post ID from Step 1 to a URL link formatted like the above.
    3. After you've edited your event and updated it, your RSVP'd members will receive an email with an updated link to your livestream.
  4. Create and Send a Mobile Notification

    (for communities with apps)
    1. Create and send a notification that targets your Livestream post.
      1. Click here to learn how to create Mobile Notifications