Live Streaming vs. Live Broadcasting

In this article, we'll cover the following:

For a TLDR on the update. 

Broadcasted Production = no recording + no limit to length

Live Streams = recording + 2 hour limit

When streaming via the Control Center, you'll need to select if you want the stream to be broadcast or stream. 

Live Streaming In-App

Live Streaming is defined as a real-time video feed product by any community member with feature access where the length of the video feed is defined by the member or the feature's time allowance, typically shorter than a live broadcast. 

A couple of notes to make about Live Streaming:

  • LIVE video can be turned ON or OFF in your community, it is not required or provided by default. 
  • Users live streaming in-app are limited to a 2-hour stream and then the platform will automatically turn their stream into a re-watchable video. 
  • Video is re-watchable after the stream is completed 

Live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting is defined as a real-time live video feed whose product is only available to community administrators (not community members) and where the feed can also be produced by a source outside of your Honeycommb network and feed into your Honeycommb Network via RTMP links). The length of the broadcast is defined by the administrator or the feature's time allowance, typically longer than live streaming.  

A couple of notes to make about Live Broadcasting:

  • Broadcasted video can be controlled by Honeycommb and Honeycommb Success managers
  • Live Broadcasted content cannot be re-watched 
  • There is a 24-hour time limit on the number of hours that can be broadcasted