Live Streaming On Honeycommb Using Zoom

Honeycommb supports RTMP streaming from Zoom to your community as a live video

NOTE: This feature is currently only supported via the Honeycommb Control Center

ALSO - Make sure to enable Custom Live Streaming in your Zoom Meeting settings.

To create a new Live Video stream via Zoom, please take the following steps...

Step 1: Create A New LIVE! post

And then select LIVE!

Step 2: Add A Streaming Service To Zoom

From your meeting, select "More" and click on the Custom Live Streaming Service

TIP: Ensure that you've enabled the correct setting on Zoom to use a Custom Streaming Service. This is done in your Zoom account settings. Read More Here

Step 3: Plug in the RTMP & Server

Use the Service & Stream Key in the web browser view provided by Zoom. These are both generated at the point in time when you publish the LIVE! post:

You'll also be asked to add in the URL for the post. You can access that by right-clicking on the EXT button for post after it's created from your POSTS view.

Once you copy that value, paste it into the Live Streaming Page URL and then select Go Live!

At this point, you're live streaming!