LIVE! Custom Reaction Emojis 😄🚀💪

As an admin, you can adjust the emojis that are used in your community.

One of the most exciting features on the Honeycommb platform is customized reaction LIVE! emojis for live streams. Meaning, you can actually choose which reaction emojis are used for reactions when your members watch a stream or upload a custom emoji from scratch! 

In this article we'll cover:

Custom Emoji Rules & Specifications

How to Upload, Edit & Destroy Reactions 

NOTE: This version of LIVE! is supported on iOS 1.50.10 and later and Android 1.50.6 and later. If you're not able to access, please update your mobile app or reach out to our team:

Custom Emoji Rules & Specifications 

Emojis on Honeycommb follow these rules: 

  • Up to eight (8) reactions can be active at any given time. However, you can upload additional emojis that are inactive to the reaction set 
  • Icons / Emojis cannot be changed (re-uploaded) however they can be deleted or destroyed and then re-uploaded. 
  • The minimum number of reactions is one (1) at any given time
  • Emojis will update in real-time when changed, however, they will not update during the live stream. A stream start/end will refresh the set of reactions available
  • It's not required to use an actual "emoji" 👉  You're able to 
  • The specifications for an emoji are: 
    • [Recommended] Square Asset w/ Transparent Background
    • File format: PNG
    • 500 px by 500 px asset size 

Upload, Edit & Destroy Reactions 

To change an emoji on your reaction, head over to your Control Center!

1. In the top navigation, you'll see a new section called "Reaction Sets"

2. Click View or Edit on the reaction set available

3. You'll see the full list of emoji's that are currently uploaded to your community: 


4. From here, you can either mark icons as "Inactive" (uncheck the box) or delete them!

5. When adding a new icon, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Icon

6. Finally, when you're done - hit Update Reaction Set!