You've Just Signed: Let's Get Started!

You've just signed up with Honeycommb and connected with your Success Manager, here's what's next: 

1. Assets 

Our team will begin creating assets to fit within the specs of the product for your network on iOS, Android & Web based on what you've shared with us from your Get Started Form. If you have any additional branded assets, please share them with your Honeycommb Success Manager and they'll pass them to our design team. It usually takes about 3-4 days for assets to be created and uploaded into your Control Center. We'll of course, keep you updated on progress. 

Having your own Logotype and Logomark is a great step for our designers to foundation to work with. Here's a guide on what assets we need from you: Community Artwork.

It's also important to note that you can upload or change your own assets at any time. Here are the recommended asset dimensions: Asset Specifications

2. Control Center Access

Once we've finished asset design work on our end, we'll share access to your Control Center. The Control Center is where you'll manage your entire community. This is where you can schedule content, create groups, send out push notifications, update your own assets, edit your app store listings and descriptions and SO SO much more. Our knowledge base has hundreds of how-to articles on what you can do in the Control Center and exactly how to do it. You should start familiarizing yourself with your new Control Center as soon as you have access. 

3. Education & Training 

When you get access to your Control Center you'll also begin to get emails from The Honeycommb Success team which will share best practices and how to get acclimated with the platform to launch a successful community (with help from us, if you need it). Please, pay attention to the emails. Many of the questions you may have and things you didn't even know could be possible will be addressed within them. The emails will be super helpful but your Honeycommb Success Manager is always available for you to reach out to as well. 

4. Join Colony! 

Colony was created by the Honeycommb team as a place for all Honeycommb partners to join and learn more about community management. Members also get a direct connection to our entire team from CEO to engineers and all of our product updates are shared here to keep you up to date on new features. Download and join Colony now.

Colony For iOS

Colony For Android

Colony For Web

We're excited for you and can't wait for your community to come together within their new home, your network.