Invite New Users To Your Private Community

A simple guide to inviting new users to your private community on Honeycommb.

Onboarding members of your community is a critical stage in the development of your community if you're transitioning your network from a different space. Your goal should be to create a smooth onboarding experience for your audience. 

Here are the required tools that you'll use on Honeycommb to invite users to your private community on Honeycommb:

  • A list of the existing emails for members of your community. 
  • Configuration of Private Network (Accessed via Control Center)
  • Honeycommb Pre-Approvals (Accessed via Control Center)
  • Links for iOS / Android / Web to your community 
  • Honeycommb Custom Fields (Accessed via Control Center)
  • A mechanism to invite members to your network (ex. email tool :)  

NOTE: Inviting your community to a private network vs. a public network is a different strategic decision that you'll have to make based on the kind of community that you are.

Step 1: Upload Pre-Approvals

From your control center, upload your pre-approvals using known email addresses for your first round of invitations. When you create a pre-approval, you're automatically approving the email address used during the signup process so they don't need to wait for admin approval. This bypasses the email confirmation step too! 

Step 2: Gather Your Links

Here in Step 2, you're gathering your iOS, Android, and Web links to make sure the invitation process allows users to join on their preferred device and platform! 

Gather Mobile Links:

To gather your mobile links from your control center, you can use the Google Play and iTunes listings to directly gather the links used for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store that push directly to your app's product page!

Gather Web Links:

Navigate to your "Domains" section in the Control Center and you'll see the primary domain listed for your community - this is what you can use to copy/paste your web domain. 

Step 3: [Optional] Condense Your Links

The process of condensing your links via a tool like Smart URL or LinkTree is a good path to make it easier to share your community with your users (and the world) by only having to share one simple links vs. three separate ones :)  - consider either based on the fit for you! 

Step 4: Send Invitations 

Now you're ready to share and send your community to all of the folks that you'd like to invite for your initial rounds. 

If you have any questions on the best way to communicate your value proposition and why members should join your community, reach out to your Success Manager

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