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How to Direct a User to Their Activity Logs

If a user is having any issues within the mobile app i.e. issues, app crashes, or features not working, our developers can find out the reason why through a user's activity logs. With this information, we can find out what the user was doing prior to the issue in the case it's due to user error or to help us find bugs within certain device's software. Once you receive the logs from your user you can send them to honeycommb to investigate. 

The user needs to navigate to her profile in The Cookout 2.0, click on Settings (gear button) next to the right of 'Edit Profile", scroll all the way down and tap multiple times on "version 1.4x.xxx" until they get a pop-up. From the pop up click 'share logs' and then she can email them directly to you and you can send them right to me so I can share with the team. 

1. Ask the user to navigate to their profile in mobile app and click on Settings (the gear icon).

2. Then they'll scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap multiple times on "version 1.xx.xxx" until they get a pop-up. 

3. From the pop-up click 'share logs' and the user can email them directly to you to share with your Honeycommb contact.