How to Develop a Strong Goal-Setting Mindset for Your Community

Be realistic with the goals you set for your community and be mindful of the tasks required to support reaching each one successfully.

Before diving into creating your community, you need to ask yourself why you are making one in the first place. What is the purpose of your network existing, who does it serve value to and how can you consistently scale those efforts? 

When thinking of goals you have for your network, it’s necessary to have an action plan on how to hit them. Adding a number to a goal doesn’t necessarily mean your network is alive or in trouble if you don’t reach it. 10,000 users doesn't automatically mean your community is thriving if no one is posting content. 

We're pulling real examples below from our own network, Colony, where we invite Honeycommb users to connect with each other and those who built the platform! 

If you want to affect high engagement, your goals should focus on:
      • Content creation and consistent publishing
          • How many posts will you schedule each month?
          • Weekly Prompts i.e. Wednesday’s introduction
      • Welcoming new members 
          • Send a DM to each new member welcoming them
          • Daily posts tagging new users

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If you want to highlight the value of your network, your objective should focus on:
      • Feature new content that contributes to the purpose of your network
          • Highlight your users and share an appreciation for their time
      • Harbor personal connections and encourage your audience to bond with each other
          • Schedule real-time group chat rooms
          • Encourage your user’s to go live/ upload a video about why they joined

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If you want to affect user growth, focus on your output:

      • Good growth is more valuable than blind growth
          • Consistent messaging that matches your purpose is important to attract the right audience and help set expectations - set marketing materials.
          • Every month, I want to reach my target audience on a different channel i.e. Facebook group, Reddit, plug in an email newsletter. 
      • A happy audience will share your network… for free. 
          • It’ll be easy for you to ask your users for app store reviews, to share in the community, and help you spread the word about your network's value. 
          • Every quarter, set up a feedback call with 5 users and learn more about their experience and turn those insights into action items to build a better network.

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