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Community Subscription Membership: How to create a Community Subscription Product

Learn how to add a membership subscription to your community.

Community Subscription products are the membership tiers that are offered to your community members. Honeycommb supports both Free and Paid membership subscription tiers, with the ability to disable free membership to become a members-only community.

- Create multiple paid community subscription tiers.

- Create recurring subscriptions that charge members weekly, monthly, or yearly.

When following the guide below, use Control Center 2.0, accessible via the Control Center link in the slide-out menu of your community.
You must enable the Subscriptions Add-on to unlock access to Subscriptions.
Go to your Billing Overview in Control Center, click Manage Add-Ons, and add Subscriptions to your account.

  1. Login to your community using your Community Leader account. Your community leader account is the account you use to Feature posts from within your community.

  2. Open the slide-out menu in your community and click the Control Center menu link. This will open Control Center 2.0.

  3. Click the tab button in the top right of your screen, this will open up the slide-out menu of your Control Center. In the slide-out menu, click Subscriptions to expand the menu.

  4. Subscription Settings -
    If this is your first time, Connect your Stripe Account and update the following on the Subscription Settings page
    1. Update your Subscription Settings with text and media for your in-App Subscription Promotion Window and in-App Subscription Gate.
      - Subscription Asset Creation Resource

    2. Create design graphics or video for your Subscription Promotion Media, the media shown to members when viewing your Subscription Promotion window. 
      - Suggested Graphic Dimensions: 500 x 500px

    3. Create design graphics or video for your Subscription Gate Media, the media shown to members when they try to view or access something that requires a paid subscription to access.
      - Suggested Graphic Dimensions: 500 x 500px

  5. Click Subscription Products in the menu
  6. Click the Create New Subscriptions button and click Community Subscription

    Subscriptions page
  7. Now you will setup your Community Subscription Product.
    Fill out the Community Product Name field - this name is displayed to members.
  8. Enter your Community Product Description, the description is displayed to members - use this as an opportunity to upsell your product by clearly describing what members get by subscribing.
  9. Upload your Community Product Art/Icon - this is an image is displayed when members are browsing your subscription offerings, as well as at shopping cart checkout.
    1. Upload a square image with a minimum 1024px x 1024px resolution.
      File Type: .jpg, .gif, .png

  10. Upload your Community Product Media - this is an image or video (recommended!) that is displayed to members. Use this as an opportunity to sell members on why they should subscribe to this product.
    1. Upload a landscape or square image/video.
      File Type: .jpg, .gif, .png, .mov, .mp4

  11. Community Product Free Trial - click the toggle button to enable a Free Trial period for this product. Enter the number of days for the length of the Free Trial. Members will be charged after the free trial ends, though they will have to enter their credit/debit card information at checkout.

  12. Click Add Recurring Plan to add a Pricing Plan.
    Choose between Weekly, Monthly, Annually
    Enter the dollar amount you will charge members.

  13. Create as many Community Product Pricing Plans as you desire.
    Choose a pricing plan that you would like to display as the Default option, click the three dots to expand the options menu, click Set as default.

    If you wish to delete a pricing plan option or deactivate it, click Delete to delete or Deactivate to no longer display that plan.

  14. Customize the subscription product's features & benefits in Subscription Product Features & Benefits.
    Each Feature listed has a toggle button to enable or disable a feature.
    1. To enable access to Paid/Premium Content, click the Premium Content toggle button.
    2. Choose to enable or disable Direct messaging access
      Learn more about Subscription-Gated Direct Messaging

  15. To add Group Access to specific groups as part of the product, click Add Group and type in the name of a Group (must be a new previously created group with Closed permissions)
    Add as many groups as you wish.

  16. Click Save Changes to save your settings

  17. Click Add Benefit and type in the text to describe the benefits of the product you are offering members. Use this as your opportunity to upsell the benefits of membership!

  18. Click Save Changes to save your settings

  19. When you are satisfied with your settings, click Preview at the top of the page to preview what your subscription product will look like when viewed within your community.
    1. Preview the Product Detail page, displayed when members are viewing this product's page.
    2. Preview the Product Gate, the paywall gate displayed when members attempt to view Premium Content.
    3. Preview the Product List, the list of subscription options displayed to members.

  20. When satisfied with your product, click Save Changes and then click Subscription Products in the slide-out menu to return to your list of subscription products.

  21. When ready to activate a subscription product, click the three dots button under Actions and select Activate
    1. The Actions menu provides the option to: Edit, Activate / Deactivate, Delete

  22. If you wish to disable the Free Membership subscription option, click Deactivate in the actions menu for the Free Membership product.

  23. To enable subscriptions and force users to see a Subscription Paywall immediately after joining the community, click Activate Subscriptions on your Subscription Products page.

    How to Give Yourself Free Access:

  24. Create promotion codes (discount or free offer codes) via the Promotions page, under Subscriptions. Create a new promotion and set your preferred discount, duration, and if there are any restrictions on redemption.
    1. Add a Promotion Product Restriction if you would like to restrict the promo code to only be used for specific subscription products.
  25. Create Promo Codes - After creating the Promotion and still in the edit screen, click View Promo Codes from the three-dots button at the top of the edit promotion page. Create Promo Code, the code used at Checkout. Save & Activate Promo Code
  26. Use your Promo Code. Visit your community with an account you'd like to give access, open the slide-out menu and click Subscription Options, choose the Product you'd like to subscribe to, and use your Promo Code at checkout.

    Last Setup Step:
  27. To enable subscriptions and force users to see a Subscription Paywall immediately after joining the community, click Activate Subscriptions on your Subscription Products page.