How to collect sign-ups prior to launch

Build a list of members that can be given access when you're ready.

Setting your Community to "Private" requires members to apply to join the community.
Encourage early interest in your community by encouraging members to apply to join to receive access first.



  • Login to your community with an admin account and open Control Center in the slide-out menu
  • In Control Center, open the slide-out menu and click Community Settings, then click Onboarding
  • In the Onboarding settings page, click the radio button for Private Community to set your community to private.
  • Make sure Send Approve Email is also enabled. This will send users an email to notify them when their account has been approved.

  • Invite your friends & fans to sign-up for your community. They can apply to join by visiting your community login page and clicking Request to Join.
  • Once you have launched, you can switch your community back to Open if you would like to make the community public and accessible to any signup (no approval required for access).


How to Accept Members into your Community

  • When you are ready to approve members into your community, go to the Members page in Control Center
  • Members gives you a view that can be filtered by clicking on Pending, this will display all users who are awaiting your approval.
  • Each row is a member who has signed up - to quickly approve a member, click the Actions button for that user and click Approve Member

  • Clicking on the row for that member will bring you to their member page, giving you a view of the member's information. View the member's biography they entered at signup, as well as any answers they gave to any Custom Fields that you added to onboarding.
  • Click the Approve button on the member page to Approve their account.